10 food swaps for improved health & weight loss

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Did you know that simple, tiny changes, or swap outs as we’re calling them here, with our food, can have powerful affects on our health?  Not only can these swap outs affect your weight, but can also have a positive affect on your overall health.  Some of these might be obvious, but others may open your eyes and help you consider making a few swap outs to get healthier.

Swap out salt with tasty herbs

Since salt is the #1 thing we all can reduce in our diets for weight loss and better health, consider replacing it with herbs. Always buy low sodium options and cook at home versus going out so that you can control the amount of sodium you’re eating.  You’ll need less salt if your food is tasty from herbs; fresh thyme, basil, oregano and rosemary are some of my favorites.

Swap out mayo with avocado

Next time you’re making a sandwich, consider this swap out, because not only is the avocado extremely healthy, it’s full of protein and good fat that will keep you feeling full much longer than mayo ever could.  Learn more about avocados here.


Swap out white potato with sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are the healthiest item in the produce department, so eating them often is a good idea.  Choosing sweet potato over white potato is just common sense, plus they are so much tastier.

Swap out soda for seltzer

Soda is truly one of the worst things that you can put into your body as far as your weight and health is concerned, so swapping it out for seltzer is an easy fix.  If you really miss the sugar, just add a splash of fruit juice of your liking to your seltzer, or choose a flavored variety.

Swap out tortillas for lettuce

Yes, we all love a tortilla wrap, but ultimately what’s most delicious is what we put into them, so consider swapping it out for a lettuce wrap instead.  Or maybe have one tortilla and when you go for your second, make it a lettuce wrap.

Swap out oil or butter with applesauce when baking

Have you tried this?  This is an especially easy swap out when it comes to box brownie mixes, reducing the total fat, but still delicious!

Swap out sugary cereal with steel-cut oatmeal

All of those cereals at the grocery store are processed, meaning they are loaded with not only sugar, but tons of additives that enable them to sit on a shelf for months at a time.  Instead, consider swapping cereal out with healthy steel-cut oatmeal that you can flavor yourself with fresh fruit.

Swap out cream with low fat or skim milk

Listen, if you can drink a cup of coffee or tea without any dairy you will be doing your body a lot of good.  It can take a little effort, but black coffee is actually quite good.  In the meantime, consider swapping out the cream with anything that contains less fat.  A friend of mine did this simple swap and lost 5 pounds over a months time.

Swap out deli meat with unprocessed meat

Did you know that all of the deli meat in the case at your grocery store is processed?  This means it’s not just meat, it’s gone through a process, adding chemicals that have been linked to cancer.  Instead of eating deli meat, grill up some chicken breasts every Sunday for the week and have them in sandwiches or in a salad.

Swap out white bread with whole grain (for the rest of your life)

If you never ever eat another piece of white bread for the rest of your life you’ll be doing yourself a serious favor.  White bread has absolutely zero health benefits, so instead eat whole grain breads packed with nuts, seeds and oats.  One slice usually has about 5 grams of fiber; which will keep you feeling fuller longer.

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