Inspiring women who I admire; here’s why


When I take a step back and look closely at the women that I choose to surround myself with, they all have one thing in common, they’re happy, and well, energies are contagious.  I’m not saying that my handful of friends are happy all of the time, we all have our challenges.  But for the most part, their mental state is in a continuous uplifted space because they work hard by practicing healthy habits enabling them to live happier lives regardless of their circumstances.  These women are inspiring and I admire them; here’s why.

Health isn’t just about our bodies functioning properly, it’s also about our attitude.  How we view the world, but more importantly how we see ourselves plays the largest role in our overall happiness.  Making the commitment to practicing healthy daily behaviors will ultimately start to become a part of our lifestyle and who we are.  Here are 5 inspiring healthy habits my friends have shared with me that play a significant role in their happiness.

Live in the ‘now’.

This can take some practice because we have a tendency to look backwards and think too much about tomorrow when we should just be taking a moment to live in the now.  Time passes by quickly and we miss out on so much because we’re not paying attention.  Remind yourself often to savor the ‘now’ and you’ll find more happiness each day.

See the good.

One of the healthiest happy practices is working to see the good in even the worst of circumstances. Whether it’s a traffic jam or a co-worker who wronged you, focus on the good that may have come out of it. Be optimistic.  Seeing the good in situations and others will leave you feeling happier that you learned something versus allowing the negatives to affect your life.

Be open to love, but be perfectly fine with independence.

Let’s face it, romantic relationships of any kind aren’t always easy.  It takes a lot of compromise and willingness to work at it on both sides.  But ultimately, a man should compliment your life, not add stress, so it’s important to recognize that independence might be a better choice that will make you happier in the long run than trying to fix a dead end.

Take a breath for yourself each day.

It’s not selfish to step outside, take a walk or sit for 10-minutes in meditation each day, it’s actually productive for everyone in your family.  Taking a moment for yourself to breathe, in whatever capacity you’d like, will enable you to come back into your life in a much calmer, patient and loving state; which will make everybody happier in your life.  Once you start to do this you’ll feel the benefits deeply.

Stop comparing yourself.

There’s only one you, and that is your power!  Remember that when you are scrolling through Facebook asking yourself why you don’t have what others do (or what they’ve put out to the world for that matter). Comparisons do nothing but make you feel badly about yourself, so make the commitment to stop today. Instead, focus on all of what you have to offer the world and be grateful for your incredible blessings.

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