5 ways an attitude of gratitude makes you healthier


Why is it only on certain holidays that we are supposed to feel more thankful and practice gratitude towards others? Instead, what if this was something that we did on a daily basis.  Well it turns out, taking a moment each day to express appreciation can actually improve our health and make us more compassionate toward others.  Each morning, before you get out of bed, think of 3 things you are grateful for and with practice, this will become a part of your morning routine. Feeling grateful has incredible health benefits. Here are 5 ways an attitude of gratitude an make you healthier.

  1. Gratefulness increases immunity, lowers blood pressure and enables us to sleep better because when you’re reminded of what you’re truly thankful for, you’re a peace and live in a calmer space.
  2. Gratefulness makes us feel happier naturally and with that boost makes us more optimistic and enthusiastic about life. When you focus on what you have versus what you don’t have, you’ll look at life from a much more positive place.
  3. Gratefulness helps us feel closer and more devoted to those whom we love.  Because we can sometimes take our family and friends for granted, taking a minute to focus on how much we love them will naturally create a closer bond.
  4. Gratefulness enables us to better deal with life challenges, more resilient to struggles and recover faster from trauma. When we come from a place of gratefulness by practicing it daily, challenges don’t seem as difficult because we’re already in a safe, happy space.
  5. Gratefulness makes us much more capable of forgiving those who’ve hurt us, let go of anger and find compassion for others.  Living with an attitude of gratitude enables us to let go of the negatives much easier. Although we forgive, we shall never forget and will always learn from those who’ve wronged us.

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