5 Morning Rituals to reboot your routine


Most of us dread the morning.  It’s usually too early, we’re tired, unmotivated and have to go somewhere we’d prefer not. But because we all have to eventually get up and face the day so why not make it awesome? If you start the day feeling great, that positive feeling will be long-lasting.  Once you step outside of your comfort zone and start to practice healthy morning rituals, getting up tomorrow and thereafter won’t seem so bad, you might actually look forward to it. Setting your morning mindset in the right direction will enable you to tackle any challenges you might face with a smile. Here are 5 morning rituals to reboot your routine and start everyday off right.

Practice an attitude of gratitude.

Before getting out of bed, take a moment each morning to remind yourself of at least three things you are grateful for. This is an impactful practice that will positively affect your attitude for the rest of the day toward others and yourself.  In addition you will improve your overall health by reducing your blood pressure and stress levels because when you’re happier, you’re healthier.

Drink a glass of water.

Drink a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed.  It will get your organs going and hydrate your body after hours of sleep. In addition, water will give you a boost of energy that you wouldn’t normally get just from coffee.  Continue to nourish your body with water consistently throughout the day drinking half of your weight in ounces to be exact.  Learn more about water intake here.

Music motivates.

Whether you set your alarm to your favorite music channel or switch on your downloaded songs, music motivates, improves your mood and puts some pep in your step when you need it most.  Maybe make a morning playlist and shuffle through the music each day while you sip your coffee, it will start your mind and body on the right foot.

Exfoliate your face.

Nothing will wake you up feeling more fabulous than exfoliating your face to get rid of all of those dead skin cells and dry spots they collected all night. Give your face a scrub, then apply a good moisturizer before putting on your makeup and you will be thrilled with how you look walking out the door; fresh and fabulous.

Have a nourishing breakfast.

Believe it or not, eating a healthy breakfast rather than just coffee will make an incredible difference in how you feel and look.  When you nourish your body with our favorite breakfast foods; which you can see here, you will be in a better mood all day, you won’t make poor food choices later on and your skin will reap the benefits.  If you don’t have time to actually make breakfast in the morning, boil a half dozen eggs on Sunday and eat one each day on your way out the door. Just eat something.

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