Laughing affects your health; here’s how

When was the last time you had a really good, deep from the belly, can’t catch your breath, tears welling up in your eyes sort of laugh?  If it’s been too long to remember, it’s time to start planning a little more fun into your life because laughing has a direct affect on your health, here’s how.

Laughing is an antidepressant.

Yes, this is true. Whether you’re feeling down or just kind of ehhh, laughing releases the feel good chemicals in your brain that leave you happier.  When some tickles you funny, that feeling actually stays with you long after.  You might even reflect back on what made you laugh and have another knee-slapping moment all over again.

Laughing is a full-body workout.

Even if you’re sitting while laughing, your body is exercising the whole way through as your heartbeat elevates and your abdominals get a full-blown workout.  Also, depending how hard you laugh, you could be tightening and strengthening numerous body parts.

Laughing improves immunity.

Maybe you haven’t slept well over the past few days or have been around some sick people at work, regardless of your dip in immunity, it is naturally improves through laughing.  Actually, your body will be healthier for hours following a good laugh.

Laughing relaxes our mind and body.

In this crazy busy world we live in with all of our commitments and schedules, sometimes life can be taken too seriously and we forget to laugh.  Letting go and savoring every moment for what it has to offer in a comedic sort of way, enables the mind and body to relax; which positively affects our health.

Make the effort to get out of your comfort zone and laugh, here are some ideas.  Plan a girls night, get tickets to a comedy show, rent or go to a funny movie, host a game night, go to a club and sing karaoke, go roller skating, go dancing, or call your funny friend who always makes you laugh.  Hoping you start laughing more today.

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