6 Myths keeping you from trying yoga


Yoga just continues to grow, but as I continue talk to some of my friends and family about starting the practice, I find there are still some misconceptions of what it’s all about.  I’ve found what people tend to believe is true about yoga couldn’t be farther from the truth.  What is sad is these untruths are causing so many to miss out on the countless benefits of this life-changing practice.  So, I’m here to debunk 5 myths keeping you from trying yoga.

MYTH: You have to be flexible to do yoga.

Recently, my girlfriend told me she can’t do yoga because she’s not flexible, her body is just too stiff to do the poses. Well, most of us were stiff when we first started yoga and it’s ok, that is why we call it a practice.  Every time you walk onto your mat, it’s a different experience because your body is continuously changing.  When the body is stiff and inflexible, aches and pains are more prevalent, but as time passes these ailments ease and improve; which will create a craving to only want more and continue your practice.

MYTH: Yoga is some sort of mumbo jumbo.

Some people have actually rolled their eyes when I’ve talked about yoga, like it’s some sort of mumbo jumbo for bohemians. This is one of the craziest misconceptions out there.  Believing that those who do yoga are hippie nonconformists living an alternative lifestyle is mumbo jumbo in itself. Yoga is not religious, it’s more a philosophy enabling you to think more clearly and make better choices, whether it be food that you eat or the people you surround yourself with.

MYTH: You have to thin and fit into yoga clothing.

Um, no.  Yoga does not discriminate, it’s for every body type and it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are comfortable.  I don’t even wear yoga pants when I practice because I feel they get in the way. But you will find what is best for you as you go along. And keep in mind, over time, your physical health will improve and potentially your entire wardrobe.

MYTH: Yoga is relaxing.

Wow, another myth that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Yes, are there incredibly relaxing poses that you will crave during each practice, but the majority of the sequences are hard work, requiring balance, concentration and strength. The benefits achieved following your practice will include a sense of reduced stress and relaxation.

MYTH: Yoga is just for women.

All of the benefits yoga has to offer are just as important to men as they are to women.  Building strength, flexibility and focus mentally and physically is what we all hope to achieve as human beings, regardless of sex.  My husband has practiced yoga for years and craves it when he’s been without.  Celebrity men like Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and Adam Levine, among others, also make yoga a part of their life for good reason. Here’s 5 reasons why men should roll out a mat here.

MYTH: You have no time for yoga.

The myth that you need hours to achieve a yoga practice is just that, not true. Anyone can squeeze in a few poses anytime and anywhere. You’ll actually want to after you’ve learned a few poses that just feel so good you can’t go without. You can start with an at-home yoga workout DVD that can fit any busy schedule.  Here are a few of my favorite that you can accomplish in as quickly as 15-minutes here.

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