Best workout to get rid of saddlebags

Next to having a flat tummy, ridding ourselves of saddlebags (the fat that settles in over your hips, thighs and butt) is probably one of the most body-sculpting and slimming changes you can achieve. Although genes always play a role, pairing saddlebag-blasting exercises with a healthy diet will deflate and ultimately eliminate those pesky fat sacks once and for all.

After much research; which is basically trying every exercise on the planet, I’ve found the best workout to get rid of saddlebags and here it is. The Physique 57 Classic Full Body Workout transforms your lower half by literally burning the fat off of your legs, butt and thighs.  Creator and instructor, Tanya Becker, a professional dancer, knows exactly what exercises it takes to blast away saddlebags and she’ll take you this workout through step by step.  Tanya says, “It’s the only exercise program I’ve seen that changes bodies efficiently.”

Physique 57 workouts are a concept different from any other in which the muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point that you feel you just can’t go any further, and then you stretch out for relief.  This is a proven process that helps you to lose inches rapidly and at the same time making your body lean and strong.  The Physique 57 Classic Full Body Workout won’t waste a minute of your time, it’s efficient and effective, plus it’s so much fun. Spring is right around the corner, start working on those saddlebags today.

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