Unexpected discovery of the best breakfast sandwich ever


My girlfriend has had the same morning routine for years, as many of us do.  Everyday, after getting the kids out the door to school and before heading to work, she almost always swings through the Dunkin Donuts drive-through for a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. It’s like clockwork, always ordering the same thing.  But last week, something happened that has completely changed her mornings and her routine for good.  After reading about fresh healthy food on the go at Pride Markets, she decided to give it a chance, try something different and boy was she amazed with the expected discovery of the best breakfast sandwich ever.

“I was so pleasantly surprised! The breakfast sandwich from Pride was incredibly fresh and delicious, I just couldn’t get enough. The quality of the ingredients of their sausage, egg and cheese sandwich made all the difference, plus it was so much bigger compared to the one I usually get at Dunkin Donuts, and less expensive too. I felt like a lot of thought and effort had been put into making my breakfast sandwich, in addition to the top-notch, quick and incredibly friendly service. They actually made me feel appreciated me for coming by. Oh, and I can’t forget, the coffee was so fresh and tasty too. My mornings are forever changed, I’m now a Pride customer for life!”

The take-away from my girlfriend’s adventure is the realization that we sometimes get so caught up in our routines, that trying something new doesn’t even cross our minds. Stepping outside of the box to experience new things is a healthy practice that can transform your life, even something as simple as changing up your morning routine and discovering the best breakfast sandwich ever.

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