How to slow down, stay calm and savor the best things in life

We’re always in such a rush, going full speed ahead to get where we’re going that we tend miss out on so much life has to offer.  There is something meaningful about the saying, ‘stop and smell the roses’. But ultimately what that really means, even if there aren’t any flowers in sight, is to be aware of where you are right now and relish whatever that may be. Staying calm is a true superpower and has a direct affect on your health.  Slowing down reduces stress and enables us to make smarter healthier choices. We’ve pulled together 4 things that we all might take for granted from time to time to help you slow down, stay calm and savor the best things in life.

Slow down and savor each meal.

Being mindful of the food in front of you, enjoying the aromas, textures and tastes rather than scarfing down mindlessly will not only enable you to digest properly, but will also potentially help you to lose weight. Savoring food will make you more aware of the process of fueling your body and you’ll ultimately will eat less. Whether it be a quick afternoon snack or dinner at a restaurant, taking a moment to savor your food is a mind body experience that will make eating memorable.

Slow down and savor your time.

Because we don’t have a lot of time each day, every chance you get, make the most of every moment that you can. Work on saying no rather than always saying yes. Be more aware of how you are spending your time and consider what’s most important to you to prioritize or shift what you can each day. If having dinner with your kids every night is meaningful to you, make that your priority to better ensure it happens. By doing this, you will have more opportunities to savor life’s special moments.

Slow down and savor your workout.

Let’s face it, many of us struggle to fit exercise into our lives, and even when we do have the time, it’s not something we’re really excited about or interested in doing since most hate to workout. But slowing down and savoring our bodies, appreciating how we feel after being active could be the motivation to get on a consistent path of exercise that you’ve been looking for. Rather than just trying to rush through a workout to get it over with, appreciate what your body is capable of and enjoy what it feels like during exercise. Taking care of our bodies enables us to savor so much more in life. Here are the best workouts for any schedule.

Slow down and savor your friends.

Because laughing affect your health in such a big way, do more of it with your friends. Something that I’ve noticed occurring more than ever is when a couple of girlfriends get together for a girls night to enjoy each other, laugh and share stories, their cell phones are in hand or right next to them.  Be mindful of this and work on slowing down and savoring your friendships by being fully present with them.  There’s nothing worse than your girlfriend expressing her feelings to you while you’re looking down at your phone, it sends the wrong message. Put the phone away, engage, listen and respond, she’ll notice and it will deepen your friendships.

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