5 lunchtime habits that cause weight gain


Nowadays, it seems like everybody is trying to be more conscious of what their eating and are much more aware of what a bad choice might be, like for instance, covering a healthy salad with blue cheese dressing and still expecting to lose weight. But there are some other lunchtime habits that cause weight gain that are important to keep in mind.

Engaging in a stressful situation right before lunchtime.

Most of the time we can’t control when stress is going to occur during our day, but studies show that if we can, it’s a good idea to put off those intense meetings or stressful situations until after lunch. Stress can lead to poor food choices because the brain has been negatively affected in the area of self control. The best bet for everyone is to always have a small bag of nuts in your purse or desk drawer to snack on which will control your hunger and your mood going into a stressful sitation and thereafter.

Thinking about lunch at lunchtime.

If you wait until lunchtime to think about what you’re going to eat, you will be risking unhealthy food choices nearly every single day. We all can admit that when we’re hungry, we want everything, especially the high calorie foods. Eating healthy at any meal requires some thought and planning, period. The best bet is to bring your lunch with you, or pre-make your lunch and have it waiting for you in the refrigerator. But if you can’t plan that far ahead, order your lunch at least an hour beforehand before you’re ravenous, that way you’ll make better choices.

Eating too much ‘healthy fat’.

Yes, avocados are the best food in the world and one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but when you eat too much of anything will ultimately cause you to gain weight. Don’t just eat something because you heard it’s good for you, be aware of how much is too much. Half of an avocado contains 114 calories, which is great when it’s your only protein in that meal, but if you add numerous other fats it could take you well over your lunchtime calorie limit. Same goes for nuts, when you reach your hand into that bag that we mentioned above, be sure to only take a palmful. The goal is to take your hunger pains away, not make this healthy fat into a meal.

Going out to lunch with friends or co-workers.

There’s a tendency to do or eat the same sort of food and drink when we go out to lunch with friends or co-workers. It’s kind of like what we see, we do, because we want to be part of the group and that can have an influence on our healthy lifestyle. For instance, if your boss orders a drink, you might also. If you’re girlfriends gets a burger, you may follow suit. It’s always fun to go out to lunch, but be mindful of how often you might be doing this as it can have a direct impact on your waistline.

Eating your entire lunch.

Since most restaurants and take out lunch spots create dishes or even salads that go well beyond the amount of calories you should be consuming in one meal, consider eating half. Unless you pack up your own lunch at home, you really don’t know exactly how your meal was created or how much fat it contains, so eating the whole thing every day can really pack on the pounds. Another great way to be aware of portion size is to use your own plate and take from the food prepared for you versus eating out of the container.

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