It’s confirmed! Drinking 2 glasses of wine before bed helps weight loss

This news has been swirling around for a while, but I didn’t pay much attention to it because it seemed entirely impossible. But now two recent studies at both Harvard and Washing State University have confirmed that drinking 2 glasses of wine before bed helps to promote weight loss. What?

I’ve heard that drinking one glass of wine is equivalent to one hour of exercise. But it also seems that the resveratrol found in red wine transforms the white fat we carry into beige fat; which is the type that is much easier to burn off of your body. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that we’re promoting drinking alcohol over healthy lifestyle choices, but it is good to know that there are some benefits to the fun things in life also.

The bedtime part of all this is because the resveratrol in the red wine offers yet another benefit of suppressing your appetite; which means you’re less tempted to eat late-night snacks and therefore given another opportunity to keep the pounds off. And if you’re not into drinking red wine, fruits like strawberries, blueberries and grapes also contain resveratrol, so eat them up and enjoy the benefits.

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