Healthy travel foods to pack for the plane ride

We could all agree that airplane food isn’t very tasty, never has been, and is rarely healthy for you. Nowadays, you have to pay for that awful unhealthy food, why would you want to do that? So instead, as you’re packing your suitcase, consider packing up a few healthy travel foods to take along in your carry on bag. You’ll not only save yourself a few bucks, you’ll start off your vacation or business trip feeling great. Including protein within every meal and snack will keep you satisfied enabling you to get to where you’re going without those awful hunger pains.

There are rules of what you can bring onto an airplane and you certainly don’t want anything taken away when you pass through security. All food must be wrapped with the exception of fresh fruit, as long as it is uneaten or unpeeled. Keep in mind that liquids still have a 3-ounce limit, so drinks are out of the question until you are fully through security where you can buy a bottle of water.┬áHere are 8 healthy travel foods to pack for the plane ride.

  1. Nuts; the absolute best option for any travel, learn more about nuts and your health
  2. Whole grain crackers with peanut butter
  3. Fresh or dried fruit
  4. Trail mix
  5. Fresh cut vegetables like celery or carrots
  6. Whole grain granola bar
  7. Rice cake with peanut butter
  8. Vegetable sandwich on whole grain bread like arugula, tomato and avocodo

Also, remember to be mindful of other passengers when it comes to strong smelling foods, it’s a small space and no one wants to smell your onions or garlic for hours to come.

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