5 Unhealthy Choices That Are Actually Good For You


There is sort of a rule book when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and it’s quite simple, choose healthy foods often and move your body when you can. But there’s what seems to be a never-ending conversation of what’s actually good for you and what’s not; which can get quite confusing. Ultimately, we all know that eating pizza everyday and being a couch potato are not healthy choices, but it turns out some of the things that we thought were unhealthy are actually good for us, here’s 5 of them.

Enjoy and indulge in your favorite foods.

When it comes to eating those comfort foods that you love the most, it’s all about balance. If you deprive yourself from all of the deliciousness life has to offer, you’ll eventually fall off the wagon. It’s ok to indulge in your favorite burger a few times a month or order a pizza with all of your girlfriends. Just try to make balanced choices like have the burger on a whole grain bun or get that pizza loaded with vegetables to ensure you’re consuming some nutrition. Doing this will also help to keep you on the healthy track the days following. But if you completely lose control and go on a junk food binge, don’t beat yourself up, have a great time and just start over the next day.

Drink a glass of wine with dinner.

When it comes to losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle you’ve probably heard that drinking alcohol is a big no no. But it turns out, moderate drinking, such as a glass of wine with dinner, is not associated with a growing waistline. There’s even been a study to confirm drinking two glasses of wine before bed helps weight loss. Again, this is all about balance, drinking too much, such as three or more drinks per day for women and four for men, will undoubtedly expand your waistline and negatively affect your health. In addition, that much alcohol plays a role in making poor choices following, such as eating a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream.

Give yourself a break from exercise. 

Committing to an exercise routine and incorporating it into your life is an incredible thing to do. But sometimes, people think that they have to workout everyday when that couldn’t be farther from the truth, it’s actually detrimental to do so. Recovery is just as important as the exercise. As good as working out is for you, it does break down the body putting you at risk for injury if you don’t allow it to heal; which ultimately could destroy your exercise routine for an extended period of time. Again, balance is the word to remember here, don’t overdo anything in your life, give yourself a break, rest and enjoy life to the fullest. Exercising 5 days per week, 30-minutes per day, is fantastic. Consider stretching or doing one of the best yoga workouts on those off days to help the body restore additionally.

Chilling in front of the television.

This is the exact opposite of what we’ve been told all of our lives, but it turns out that relaxing your body and your mind from the daily grind to escape with a great movie on Netflix or laugh out loud to your favorite television show is really good for you. To take this a step further, studies have shown that getting cozy with your partner on the couch and engaging in a media experience can actually improve your relationship. So consider staying in this Saturday night and snuggling.

Getting stressed.

So it turns out that stress isn’t a bad thing after all as long as there is an awareness to it. Getting moderately stressed can actually improve your performance in many aspects of life because it keeps you motivated and on your toes, where if you have no stress at all the opposite occurs. Yes, it’s true that too much stress can lead to numerous unhealthy, but just like everything else on this list, keeping it in balance will play a role in becoming successful at everything that you do.

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