Trim your waistline with best healthy lunch options at Pride

Research has shown that consistently eating a healthy balanced lunch and a lighter dinner not only keeps you energized throughout the day, but also plays a role in trimming your waistline. Giving your body the opportunity to metabolize food while awake and active means you won’t convert as much to fat, and therefore will become more fit. When you eat a smart healthy lunch each day, you’ll also find that you won’t be as hungry in the evening hours, ultimately consuming less before bedtime when calorie burning is at its slowest.

So what should this very important healthy lunch consist of you ask? It’s essential that the meal incorporates proteins, whole grains and greens to keep you feeling fuller longer, enabling you to maintain your energy and to give your body the ingredients it needs to function at its best. We’ve found the perfect lunch options at Pride such as their half sandwich paired with a fruit cup or yogurt parfait. We absolutely love this half sandwich choice as it’s not often available and is so fulfilling.

We also love their delectable chef salad that combines the vegetables and proteins your body needs and craves. This salad goes so well alongside that half sandwich of your choice to really kick up your energy. And it doesn’t end there. Coming very soon, Pride will be offering a sweet and savory cranberry walnut salad and a tasty Greek salad with olives and creamy feta cheese. In addition, it’s also important to note, the sandwich options and combinations are endless.

When news broke of the unexpected discovery of the best breakfast sandwich ever everybody paid attention, so it only makes sense that Pride would also offer the best healthy lunch options to help trim your waistline. And don’t forget to use your Pride Rewards Card with every purchase to earn all sorts of free stuff in store.

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