3 things to do during your workout to burn more calories

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You’re going to burn more calories each day if you work exercise into your lifestyle and committing to that is the first step to staying fit, losing weight and being healthy. But once you’ve got the commitment under your belt, consider doing these 3 things to really make the most of your workouts and enable you to burn even more calories.

Change it up.

This is one of the most effective ways not only to burn more calories, but to also change and sculpt your body. Changing up your workout each day will enable you to use different muscles, keep your mind interested, and save you from overuse and potential injury from doing the same thing, such as running. But if getting outside or on the treadmill is your thing, consider taking a different route each day, adding hills and increasing speed. Without change, your body will hit a plateau and you’ll ultimately get bored.

Include weight.

Did you know that the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn even when you’re at rest? And that’s not the only bonus because including weight within your workouts enables you to burn more calories while exercising. Circuit training, those workouts that incorporate cardiovascular exercises with weights, have been proven to be the most effective exercise programs for health and weight loss. Try a few of these best workouts for weight loss.


Push a little harder.

During your workout always consider going the extra mile, literally. If you’re out for a walk or jog, take the longer way home. While you’re jogging, challenge yourself to sprint to the next mailbox or add a couple steep hills to really get those calories burning. If you’re doing lunges or squats, add hand weights into the mix and maybe do some bicep curls along with those leg exercises. Consider going just 5 or 10 minutes longer with whatever exercise you’re doing and watch the fat fall off of your body that much faster.

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