Long hot bath offers same health benefits as exercising

This is not a joke. Did you know that a hot bath offers some of the same benefits as exercise? Well, a new research study is saying so. The study has found that soaking in hot water for an hour produces the same type of anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses as an hour of moderate exercise.

It’s important to keep in mind that the research is still preliminary, and the experiment only included men, but it’s an incredible finding. When you take a hot bath, heat shock proteins are increased and the blood sugar is better controlled, maybe even better in some cases than exercise.  After bathing, participants in the study were found to have lower blood sugar levels after eating than those who exercised.

What is believed to happen is heating the body this way has the affect of lowering blood sugar levels and this is especially promising for those with diabetes.  In addition, taking a hot bath also showed to help with inflammation and high blood pressure similarly to those who exercise; which ultimately could help people dealing with chronic diseases. Please take note, those of you who hate to exercise, still should regularly. Although it’s nice to know that taking a long hot bath is good for your health.

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