An hour of running could add 7 years to your life

Even if you smoke, drink and are overweight, new research has shown that runners tend to live about three years longer than nonrunners, no matter the speed or how often. Compared to all of the other forms looked at, running was the only exercise that showed an impact on life span even with as little as five minutes a day. The reason is believed to be because of the high impact aerobics running provides; which plays a role in lowering blood pressure and body fat, especially around the middle where it matters most.

Data has shown that regardless of the pace or mileage, running drops the risk of premature death by nearly 40 percent, even for those with a history of health issues, smoking and/or drinking. And with this research, it was proven statistically that the extended years of life outweigh the hours consumed by running.  More specifically, one hour of running lengthens ones life by 7 hours. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that no matter how much someone runs, the additional years of life caps off at three years.

Running showed the best results, but other exercises such as walking and cycling were also found to be beneficial of dropping the risk of premature death. So if you’re not a runner and would prefer to walk or ride your bike, you’re still positively affecting your life span.  In addition, any consistent exercise program incorporated into your life plays a role in making healthy choices following; which works hand in hand with longevity.

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