Diet sodas linked to stroke and dementia risk

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A new study published by the American Heart Association suggests that choosing a diet soda over the regular stuff is not a healthier option as once believed. An artificially sweetened beverage not only poses health risks for your body, but now possibly your brain leading to a higher risk of stroke and dementia.

With 30% of Americans drinking at least one diet soda each day, this finding should be taken very seriously, although more research of the health effects is needed. But the study did show those who drank an artificially sweetened soft drink once per day, were three times more likely to have a ischemic stroke; which is caused by blocked blood vessels. In addition, the research also showed that people who drink one of these beverages each day were also three times more likely to be diagnosed with dementia.

Although there was no connection with the same health risks in association with sugary drinks versus the artificial type, doctors are making it very clear that you should not go back to drinking those either. Instead, slowly reducing your soda intake is advised with a goal of stopping the consumption all together. Naturally sweetened seltzers are a great and healthy replacement, in addition to the fruit waters now being offered at most stores.

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