4 worst foods for your skin

Especially as we grow older, our largest and most precious organ can start to lose its luster from things like sun damage, smoking and stress. But did you know that what you eat can have a direct affect on how your skin looks? Yes, it’s not just outside factors that play a role with your skin, it’s also greatly affected from the inside out. Here are the 4 worst foods for you skin.


You’ve probably hear this before, but more recent studies have proven the negative affects of sugar on your skin. The belief is that it speeds up the breakdown of collagen causing more wrinkles and sagging than you would normally have. From soda to sweets, keep your sugar intake in moderation.


Some salt is good, with sea salt being the best choice. But overdosing in salt will cause extreme puffiness and water retention especially around the eyes; which will greatly affect how you look and your overall confidence. So it’s in your best interest to keep salt in check.

Heated meat

High temperature meats, such as those cooked on a grill, have a direct affect on your skin causing more redness, dullness and wrinkles. Since we all love any sort of grilled food, just keep this in mind especially when choosing the temperature to cook your meat, or maybe choose seafood more often than not.


Any type of dairy, most especially skim milk, can cause your skin to break out and be more reactive. There’s a direct link between dairy and acne, so other than a periodic healthy dose of yogurt from time to time, if your skin is sensitive to break outs, be aware.


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