3 easy tricks to cut calories without dieting

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Whether you’re hanging onto a couple of extra pounds that you picked up over time or just really want to make an impact on your health overall, there are some easy ways to zap calories and fat that you may not have considered. Quite often, we can get into a routine not realizing that our daily choices are having a negative affect on our waistline. Consider these 3 easy tricks to cut calories without dieting and chisel your waistline.

Your morning beverage.

Yes, I know this is a sensitive subject because for most of us our coffee is what we look forward to more than anything else in the morning. And since I tend to be one of the few that drinks coffee black, I am putting this out there as just a thought. Unless, you are only dribbling a little skim milk into your morning beverage, your a.m. ritual may be to blame for those few extra pounds. If you can’t cut the 2 sugars and 1 cream entirely, consider cutting back and slowly rewiring your brain to enjoy the actual coffee versus the stuff that you put into it. A friend of mine switched from cream to a little milk just to see if it would make a difference, and she lost 5 pounds in a few weeks.

Eat before the party.

Never show up anywhere hungry. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ or a birthday party, any type of celebration usually includes food and most of the time the selections of edibles are extremely unhealthy. Since one get-together can throw off your entire week of healthy choices, consider eating something at home before going to the party. This is something that I’ve been doing for years and it works. I never go anywhere hungry or I’m guaranteed to go fall off the wagon and feel awful afterwards. I’m not saying don’t eat at the party, of course, enjoy! But don’t ever go there starving. Even if you just have a handful of healthy nuts beforehand, once the hunger edge is under control, you’ll eat less at the party.


Use a smaller plate.

In America we are programmed to think that everything should be super-sized. For just a few cents more, you can get the extra large versus the normal size and most of the time we go for it. But truly controlling how much you eat starts with your plate size. This is something I’ve tested for years. When I use a smaller plate I eat less, period, end of story. I’ll still enjoy everything being offered to me, but I’ll just have less of it, and therefore my calories are better controlled everyday without having to think about it.

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