6 Best Anti-Aging Foods you should eat

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No matter what your age your skin should be cared for in every way possible because it is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ. Of course, the most important thing that you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun everyday with an SPF of at least 30 protectant.

This is not only to protect yourself from premature aging, but also from skin cancer. The next step is to nourish your skin is from the inside out with the 6 best anti-aging foods. Not only are the following foods healthy for your skin, they’re also delicious!

Tomatoes because contain lycopene which protects the skin from sun damage.

Avocados because it’s oil strengthens the skin while also hydrating it.

Lemons because the Vitamin C contained produces collagen that fights wrinkles.


Sweet potatoes because they contain beta-carotene that turns into Vitamin A which smoothes the skin.

Blueberries because they contain antioxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals.

Beets because they detoxify and brighten the skin.

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