Drink more coffee; live a longer life

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Even more good news for those of you who love coffee! New studies, one of them being the largest to date, has shown that drinking more coffee can lead to a longer life. The research showed that those who drink two to four cups per day have an 18% lower risk of death compared to those who don’t drink coffee at all.

Past studies have shown the same results, but given the larger diversity in the more recent research with different types of people living different types of lifestyles, the same conclusion was found but on a much bigger spectrum, concluding drinking coffee is healthy for you.

The new studies that were done in different countries, showed a direct link between the relationship of coffee and improved mortality rates related to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke, in addition to liver, digestive and circulatory diseases.

The positive, healthy affects of coffee is still being explored on whether it’s the complexity of its compounds; which have anti-inflammatory properties, how it’s prepared, the way it is drunk, or all of the above. So the moral of the story is keep drinking your coffee, enjoy it and now know for sure that it can have a positive affect on your overall health and longevity.


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