9 best foods to keep you feeling full

Do you eat and then find yourself hungry again opening the refrigerator a short time later? If so, you’re probably not eating enough protein and fiber within your meals. If you want to stay full longer, which ultimately will help you lose or maintain your weight, in addition to building muscle, eat these 9 best foods.


A healthy fat containing fiber that digests slowly and keeps you feeling fuller longer.


A great source of fiber and hydration that keeps your belly content.

Spicy foods.

Eating these foods or adding spices to your meals not only fills you up, but also increases metabolism.


Ahhhh, my absolute favorite! Not only absolutely delicious, but jam-packed with monounsaturated fats that will keep you full.


Did you know this baby soy bean contains over eight grams of protein with only 95 calories? Eat them often.

Leafy greens.

One of the most important foods you should be eating daily. From mixed salad green, brussels sprouts, spinach and kale; these foods are full of fiber that are healthy for your body in addition to keeping you satisfied.


Another food you should be eating daily. Eggs are protein-packed and keep you feeling full for hours.


Pick your beans, chickpeas are a great choice, especially for lunch, as a low-calorie source of fiber and protein that will fill you up until dinner.


This fish, along with other seafoods, are a great source of lean protein that is healthy for you and keep you feeling full long after you’ve enjoyed them.

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