4 best practices to maintain weight loss

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Of course, committing to a healthy lifestyle is always the first step to changing your mind and body because nothing will stay permanent when short-lived; hence why diets don’t work. It takes thought and planning to lose weight and commit to a healthy lifestyle, but once you do, how can you maintain it? Here are the 4 best practices.

Choose exercise that you love.

Since most of us struggle to find the time to exercise and ultimately dread it, it’s important to love the movement you choose or you won’t keep it up. If you don’t like the treadmill, don’t get on the treadmill. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring nowadays because there are so many different types available to us. Choose from the best workouts for weight loss┬áto ensure you always have an exercise you love on hand at home, check into your local gyms to see what new and fun classes they’re offering and partner with a neighbor or friend to schedule a couple days a week to go walking together. Just choose exercise that you love and it will be much easier to maintain.

Never deprive yourself of your favorite foods.

Deprivation is the #1 reason why diets don’t work so never completely give up what you love, life is too short. Keeping in mind, everything in moderation, allow yourself to savor every bite of your favorite foods and not feel guilty about it. Saturday evenings are always my time to enjoy a really delicious dessert or an extra glass of wine without a second thought because I deserve it. The trick is getting back on the wagon the next day with your healthy lifestyle.


Never go anywhere hungry.

One of the worst things any of us can do whether we’re trying to maintain weight loss and/or a healthy lifestyle is to go anywhere hungry. Hunger only leads to poor food choices because when we’re hungry we’ll eat anything, even foods we may not even like. Whether it be a restaurant or a friend’s house, eat something sustainable beforehand such as a palmful of nuts or an avocado on a couple whole grain crackers to keep hunger in check.

Surround yourself with like-minded friends.

Especially as we grow older, we start to learn the essential qualities of a true friend and who we surround ourselves with has a huge impact on our health and well-being. This also goes along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle because if your friends are on a completely different path, this could affect your goals, especially if they aren’t supportive of your choices. It’s a difficult thing to do, but taking inventory on friendships and being honest with yourself is something that we all have to do. You don’t have to necessarily end friendships, but keep a healthy distance from anyone who isn’t supportive of what’s important to you.

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