5 Ways to Feel Slimmer Today

A consistent commitment to a healthy lifestyle is the very best way to feel good about yourself mentally and physically for the long run. But if you’re in need of a kickstart to feel slimmer and healthier today, here are 5 ways to really make an impact and carry with you forward.

Drink more water.

Start your day, before coffee, with a full glass of water. Not only will this get your organs up and running more quickly, it will help to flush out the toxins; which will make you feel slimmer and less bloated. There’s a direct link between water and weight loss.

Eat fiber.

Eating fiber-rich foods, like avocado, pears and raspberries will help you to feel fuller and more energized much longer than just protein. In addition, these foods keep you bloat-free. Keep in mind, when you eat fiber, such as any breads, be sure that they are whole grain only.

Detox your body with yoga.

Did you know that every twist and turn you do in yoga helps to rid your body of digestion issues, especially built up gas within your system? Whether you do one of the best yoga DVDS for all levels or just get into pose on your own, you have the power to detox your body of the built up toxins and feel slimmer almost immediately.

Don’t chew gum.

Just an FYI for those you who love a little gum throughout the day; it causes gas to build up and bloats your belly. It turns out, gum makes you swallow more air, in addition to containing sugar alcohol; which also has a bloating effect. Drinking from a straw also causes gas to build, just something else to think about.

Eat slowly.

Slowing down, especially when eating, also keeps you feeling slimmer because you’ll again, trap less air within your system, but also will probably eat less overall because you’re allowing your body to digest versus just scarfing food down. Being aware of what you’re eating and choosing wisely will have the greatest affect on your health and body.

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