5 Healthy Reasons to Eat Less Sugar

We’ve always known that too much sugar isn’t good for us, but more recently it’s come to light just how detrimental the daily intake of sugar is to our overall health. I’m not just talking about weight gain or obesity from eating excessive amounts of sugar; which is of great concern of course. But in addition to body mass, 5 healthy reasons to eat less sugar have become very apparent to the medical community that you should be aware of.

Your brain will work better.

Sugar has been directly linked to negatively affecting our cognitive function. Being able to think clearly, especially in stressful situations, becomes more difficult when living on a high sugar diet. In addition, sugars are also bad for your memory especially as we grow older.

Preservation of your vital organs.

From your liver, kidneys, pancreas and your heart, sugar is believed to be worse for your health than saturated fat. Research has found that daily intake of sugary beverages alone can greatly increase visceral fat; the type that builds deep inside around your vital organs; which has a direct affect on the development of diabetes and heart disease.

Get better sleep.

So it turns out the more sugar you eat, the worse your sleep will be because excess sugar will keep you up at night. Keeping your sugar intake to a minimum, especially in the evening hours, will enable you to get more restful sleep so you can wake up each morning feeling strong and happy.

Less chance for developing cancer.

A high sugar diet has also been linked to the development of cancer mostly because of the inflammation and weight gain it causes; which are both known risk factors. Keeping your sugar intake to a minimum will keep inflammation down, making your body less hospitable for cancer cells to develop.

Healthier teeth and gums.

Let’s face it, we were told as kids that sugar will rot our teeth out, and it was no joke. Lucky enough, when we’re young there’s still opportunity to reverse the negative affects of sugar on our teeth and gums. But as we grow older, maintaining healthy teeth becomes more challenging with sugar still being the biggest cause of tooth decay.

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