SPANX; Be yourself with more confidence


We’ve all had those moments, when the perfect outfit we planned to wear doesn’t look so perfect, and we quickly learn there really is no such thing. But back in 1998 when Sara Blakely was dressing for a party and suddenly realized that she didn’t have the proper undergarment to wear under her white pants, she had an idea. Sara cut the feet off of her control top pantyhose, smoothed out all the lumps and bumps and her pants looked amazing. After much effort to share her idea with the world, SPANX was created. This incredible brand now offers everything from bras, underwear, activewear and more with a mission to help women feel great about themselves; SPANX enables you to be yourself with more confidence.

Whether you’re going to work, on a date or to a special event, as women, we’re always aware of how bloated or out of shape we might feel beforehand. Sadly, eating just a snack, especially depending on the time of the month, can make us feel uncomfortable climbing into our clothes. Well, the creation of SPANX shape wear has changed all of that. Now we eat and be ourselves, yet look incredible and feel confident in anything we might put on.


SPANX is carefully designed to “flatten the gut” while also giving us a “great butt”. From light, to firm or super firm shaping levels, it’s your choice in how much you want to shape, conceal and smooth your body. The goal of SPANX is to make women feel fabulous physically and mentally; enabling us all to feel confident enough to take on the world. Looking in the mirror and liking what we see exudes confidence to the world and can transform our lives. Check out all of the pieces available to you from SPANX and start loving your silhouette more than ever today.

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