Drink wine, eat food and be healthier today

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With the holidays on tap, we’re going to be surrounded by all of our favorite foods and drinks for the next few weeks. While some panic with the fear of holiday weight gain, I’m here to tell you to drink wine, eat food and be healthier today. What?

Yes, you have permission to enjoy and indulge your favorite things because deprivation is not fair and ultimately does not work for long-term healthy living success. Now, I’m not saying you should inhale every chocolate ball that is presented to you throughout the holiday season. But instead, pick and choose what you absolutely love and enjoy every single morsel of it.

By the way, this method of eating foods that you love shouldn’t just fall within the holiday season either. You should be enjoying the things that make you happy all year round. You see, when you live a balanced lifestyle with moderation in mind, you can allow yourself to indulge while still staying healthy and fit. Here’s how.

Alway start your day, before coffee, with a full glass of water to get your organs moving and to hydrate your body after being asleep for hours. And don’t walk out the door without some type of protein in hand whether it be a hard-boiled egg or avocado whole grain toast. Never, ever put yourself into hunger mode because when you’re starving, you will make bad decisions almost every single time.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or just a normal Thursday, throughout your day, continue to stay balanced with food combining low fat proteins to keep you feeling satisfied with a special treat here and there. Also making the commitment to exercise, specifically interval training paired with some cardiovascular and yoga will help to burn off those extra calories and keep you in check. Just remember, anything to the extreme is not a healthy choice, be mindful, aware and smart about every choice that you make.


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