Drink wine and stay skinny; 5 simple tips

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Deprivation has no place in a healthy balanced life, period. Simply put, when we completely take away the things that we love from our lives, we only crave them more. Healthy living must be enjoyable or it will never be life-long. My biggest piece of advice to friends, family and my readers is ‘everything in moderation’ because taking drastic measures, unless they’re needed of course, is never a good idea. Learn how to drink wine and stay skinny with my 5 simple tips.

Work for that glass of wine.

Because balance is key to a successful healthy life, don’t just start mindlessly pouring a glass of wine at the end of the day, be aware and work for it. Let knowing you’re going to enjoy a glass later be a motivator for you to fit some exercise in and make healthy food choices throughout the day. Earn that glass!

Drink red wine.

It has been proven that red wine is a healthy form of alcohol, when consumed in moderation of course. Not only can it help you live longer, it’s contains a very powerful antioxidant and drinking 2 glasses of wine before bed helps weight loss. Who knew?


Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

Be sure to eat beforehand because when wine is consumed 30-minutes before eating, the appetite is increased and will ultimately end up increasing your overall calories. Enabling the body to absorb the alcohol with food is not only healthier for your body’s organs to continue to function properly, but also will more likely flush the calories out from the wine more efficiently.

Spend more money on each bottle.

First of all, never, ever buy or drink wine out of a box, this is the biggest no-no! The reason for this is because when wine is bought in bulk, for less, with a spout available to you around the clock, you’ve entered the unhealthy zone. Spending a little more on a special bottle will make you appreciate each sip and encourage you to enjoy and value each glass of wine.

Don’t drink at home.

Go out for that glass of wine at a local spot; which is another way to appreciate it. Or pick up that nice bottle of wine and bring over to a friends house to share. Removing the urges and impulses to drink at home is a healthy thing to do. Let’s face it, if the potato chips are in the cabinet, we’re going to eat them. Same goes for wine.

Lastly, let’s be sure we are on the same page when it comes to the amount of wine you should be drinking each day. To keep it healthy, woman can safely have 1 glass (5oz) of wine per day and men can have 2 glasses.

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