Add these 4 things to your life and be healthier right now

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Did you know that you can make a serious positive impact on your health right now? All it takes is making the decision to do so, and then sticking to it, because once you experience the benefits you’ll never look back. Decide, commit and don’t allow anything to get in the way of your health. Add these 4 things to your life and be healthier right now.

Eat more green food.

One of the most powerful healthy decisions you can make for yourself right now is to eat more nutrient-packed, healing green foods. It doesn’t matter what green foods, choose what you enjoy most and eat at least one everyday. My favorites are broccoli, asparagus, spinach and brussels sprouts. I pre-cook them, store in refrigerator and incorporate them into meals all week long. Whether it be asparagus aside my scrambled eggs in the morning or a whole bunch of green vegetables in a quinoa with grilled chicken; they’re delicious and healthy at the same time.

Do yoga.

Yoga is not just exercise, it is a complete mind and body workout that strengthens and lengthens, but also incorporates breath and relaxation techniques that enable you to walk away feeling like a whole new person right now. My favorite are the best yoga DVDS for all levels because they play an extremely healthy role in my life every week. You can also do yoga anywhere at any time once you learn a few poses. There’s a reason why yoga has been around for over 5,000 years, it works.


Use aluminum free deodorant.

I had heard rumblings over the years about the dangers of applying aluminum under our arms, but now the negative and dangerous affects of this metal is well-known. Since I was a teenager I’ve used Secret brand because I loved their baby powder scent, not giving any thought to what I was rubbing into my freshly shaven underarms. Knowing what I do now, even the idea of anyone applying a product made up of almost 20% aluminum scares me to death. Positively affect your health right now and learnĀ why I stopped using conventional deodorant.


This is the most simplest, quickest, immediate way you can be healthier right now. Right after you read this, take just a couple of minutes for yourself, sit still, and shut your eyes. Breathe in as deeply as you can through your nose, hold that breath for a couple of seconds and then release it as deeply as you can through your mouth. Do this 5-10 times and feel the positive affects within your mind while your body naturally relaxes. No matter what you might be dealing with today, anywhere, anytime, just take a couple of minutes to breathe, it’s life-changing.

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