10 Healthy benefits of deep breathing

While life has become so fast paced, so has our breathing. Shallow breath worsens with increased stress and that has a very serious affect on our mental and physical health. Since we take breathing for granted because it just happens naturally, we don’t pay much attention to it when we should be. Years ago when my doctor told me that I was forgetting to breathe, my life was positively changed forever. I learned that you can breathe anywhere, from your desk at work to your car before bringing the kids to soccer. Here are the 10 healthy benefits of deep breathing.

Mental clarity is improved.

When you take a couple minutes to breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth five to ten times, your brain is fed more oxygen, allowing for improved concentration, productivity and observation. You will be more in tune with what is going on around you.

Respiratory issues can subside.

From chest pain, bronchitis or even asthma, deep breathing can alleviate symptoms from many respiratory issues.

Circulation is positively affected.

Deep breathing increases oxygen to the heart in addition to blood circulation throughout your body.

Improved digestion.

When you incorporate conscious breathing into your life your gut will benefit also. Breathing massages your internal organs, creating a relaxed affect which enables you to stay regular and experience less constipation.

Reduced stress and anxiety.

Since shallow breathing has a direct affect on our mental health, incorporating deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to calm the brain and reduce, if not completely cure, stress and anxiety. Stress can also cause belly fat; so reducing it will have a positive affect on your waistline.

Better sex.

Breathing is a natural aphrodisiac. How? Being in a more relaxed, calm state enables you to be more present in everything that you do, including sex. Approaching relations with your partner in a peaceful state and practicing continued breath during sex has a direct affect on your experience and your relationship.

Improved immune system.

Breathing deeply also enables the body to detoxify which allows for tissues to regenerate and heal more quickly. Being more in tune with your body truly does positively affect the mind body connection.

Increased flexibility.

Breathing deeply not only relaxes the mind, it relaxes the body; which enables you to move much easier, reducing muscle tension and improving flexibility. Try incorporating your breathing through practice with one of the best yoga DVDS for all levels

Look better.

Did you know a lot of our lines and wrinkles are from walking around stressed out? Breathing creates better circulation and increases blood flow, reducing wrinkling on your face. When the mind is at peace, the body responds.

Emotional wellness.

This is the most important benefit in my opinion because our emotional well-being affects everything else in our lives from relationships, the foods we choose to eat and how we feel about ourselves. Deep breathing relaxes our bodies, reduces stress and anxiety and creates self-love that is essential to a healthy life.

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