4 Ways to stay mentally fit when you can’t exercise

Whether you’re too busy to fit exercise into your day or are nursing an injury that is keeping you from your regular workout routine, ultimately our mental health takes the hit with the sudden loss of physical activity in our lives. I’ve had friends who’ve been injured, and I myself have had knee surgery, that has kept me from exercise for a period of time and it wasn’t easy. When I leaned on my doctor for advice, she recommended these 4 ways to stay mentally fit when you can’t exercise.

Try something different.

If it’s your lower body that is injured, focus on upper body exercise while you’re healing or visa versa. When my lower body was injured, planks, push-ups and hand weights kept my back, arms and core strong; keeping my mind fit. And great news if time is the issue, you can drop and do a plank anywhere at anytime every single day and feel so good about yourself instantly. Plank everyday and these 5 things will happen.

Do yoga.

Yoga can be restorative for many injuries through movements intended to stretch and strengthen the area in distress and you couldn’t ask for a more mind-lifting form of exercise. Yoga comes in all different variations of intention, but no matter what type of practice you do, the breathing techniques will enable you to walk away feeling better than when you started. Also, yoga is another type of movement that can be done anywhere, even in bed, so anyone can fit it into their busy day. Here are my favorite best yoga DVDS for all levels.

Keep a journal.

One of the best ways to stay mentally fit whether you can’t exercise or not, is to write down your feelings and happenings each day. If you’re struggling with a physical injury, track your progress and appreciate each day that your body is healing. You might find true enjoyment in journaling and continue long after you’re healed. Keeping your journal next to your bed and writing down your thoughts each night before falling to sleep will also help to heal your mind from everything going on in your life.

Control what you can.

So you can’t go for a run today or do that kickboxing class you love, but you can control other aspects of your day that can also play a role in making you feel badly about yourself. It takes effort to stay positive, especially in times of trouble, so work on an attitude of gratitude of what you do have today versus what you don’t. Food also affects your mood, so be extra mindful of what you’re putting into your body. It doesn’t take a genius to know that eating a pizza when you can’t exercise isn’t going to make you feel good at the end of the day. Control what you eat, drink and your overall attitude toward your health to feel better today.

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