6 Best eye-opening health and wellness documentaries on Netflix

When you’re motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, you become a magnet for more information and we’ve never had a better opportunity to learn everything we need and should know. Whether it’s the exposure of truth about how our food is farmed, what’s considered to be healthy by law or the realization that we’re not the only ones struggling with body image, there are some fascinating scary works of art available to you today. Here are the 6 best eye-opening health and wellness documentaries on Netflix.

Food Matters

There’s never been more of a true statement, “you are what you eat”! The title of this documentary says it all, Food Matters, because experts have confirmed that healthy eating could be the cure, or even protection from ever getting most ailments currently treated by the medical world right now. The goal? Less pills, more whole foods.

Fed Up

Starting as children, we are programmed to believe sugar and goodies are the most delicious foods. From celebrating birthdays with big sugary cakes to all the cereals and cookies at the grocery store our kids, and sometimes us, crave. Why? Because sugar is a drug and is extremely addicting, causing childhood obesity and severe consequences later in life. Fed Up, narrated by Katie Couric, takes a closer look at the sugar industry; how it targets and profits just like any addictive drug.


Because your mental wellness is just as important as your physical wellness, Happy, takes a look into what brings happiness to our lives. When asked what’s most important to you in life? The majority say they just want to be happy, but what does that mean? Because joy can be different for everyone, this documentary investigates various people living different types of lifestyles that will open your eyes to what happiness really is.


Why do so many women hate their bodies? This is a bigger issue than any of us realize because it’s universal and it’s not getting any better. This inspiring, heartwarming, positive and uplifting film will affect every woman who watches it. Taryn Brumfitt, a body-image activist, travels the world interviewing all different women to share their struggles of self-acceptance and how they learned to love themselves and Embrace their bodies.

Hungry for Change

This documentary exposes the truth about processed food; which is mostly what Americans buy every week. Eating food that has been put through a ‘process’ with chemicals and words that you can’t pronounce have a very serious effect on your health; you will be shocked and motivated to change your diet after watching Hungry for Change.

The Human Experiment

As American citizens, we sometimes believe that our government does everything to protect us from harm especially when it comes to what we consume everyday, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Simply put, manufacturers and corporations lie about the extremely dangerous chemicals they are deliberating putting into our everyday products and The Human Experiment exposes it all.

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