3 Football Game Must Haves For The Best Time Ever

Football is fun! And as we all know, it isn’t just about the game. Whether you’re going to a gathering at friend’s house, headed to a local pub, staying home or actually going to the game itself, everybody needs these 3 must haves for the best time ever.

Must Wear Your Team Logo.

Whether you’re a die hard fan of football or just love the food and commercials, wearing a team shirt is an absolute must all season long, but most especially on the big day. Even if your team isn’t playing, always supporting your own is pretty cool too. Lucky for all of us, the NFL has widely expanded our fashion options from head to toe. Check out and browse every team logo option and get free shipping on orders over $49 with the promo code WIN49 AT CHECKOUT through this special link below…

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Must Eat, Bring or Order The Best Football Foods.

In addition to rooting for your team, football games are all about the food! Everything from chicken wings, nachos, black bean dip and jalapeno poppers. Yes, ordering these foods is so fun, but making them is not only healthier, it will knock your friends socks off. Start a few days before and prepare so you can have the best time ever watching the game and commercials along with your friends. Learn how to make the most delicious healthier version jalapeno poppers here. And don’t forget to make a big pot of the best black bean dip ever, get the recipe by clicking the picture below…

Must have thirst-quenching drinks for the best time ever.

Yes, there always seems to be a lot of drinking during football games. The go-to choice is generally beer, but making it a little more fun and safe requires some pre-game planning. Why not try some black and tan type beers that includes one of your favorite light beers topped with a heavier (usually less alcohol content) darker beer. The favorite mix for this style drink is generally a Bass and Guinness, which is absolutely delicious, but can be whatever you’d like. Another refreshing drink option is a wine spritzer that is simply a mix of red or white wine and your favorite seltzer. This tasty cocktail is thirst-quenching and hydrating at the same time so you can sit back and enjoy the hours of fun without a hangover the next day.

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