The secret to overcoming the pursuit of perfection

The pressure to be perfect has never been so intense and only continues to grow, becoming an epidemic throughout our society. Whether it’s the quest to have the perfect body, the perfect relationship, the perfect job, be the perfect parent and ultimately have the perfect life; chasing perfection creates a tremendous amount of pressure on us. Thankfully, after personally years of playing a role in this facade, the secret to overcoming the pursuit of perfection has been realized.

There is no such thing as perfect, but that hasn’t stopped us from trying to achieve it. Why do we do this to ourselves? It turns out we are greatly affected by external forces stemming from celebrities on television, models in magazines and even our closest friends who seem to have it all. One of the biggest culprits nowadays is social media, especially Facebook, where others only show what they want us to see and that has a direct affect on our our soul, mind and spirit. But spending our lives chasing perfect with a distorted body image will only lead to unhappiness and depression, so how do we control it?

The secret to overcoming the pursuit of perfection is to stop comparing yourself to others because trying to be like someone else is simply impossible. You are you. Remind yourself daily, every morning when you wake up, that there is only one you and that is your power. Once you accept yourself for all of your special qualities that make you exceptional and build healthy habits, you’ll truly start to love yourself and everyone else won’t matter anymore. Appreciating what you have versus what you don’t is essential to happiness. Being open-minded, calming your mind and focusing on your breath through yoga also helps to achieve this process to peace. You have the power to rewire your brain right now, start today.

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