6 Best hormone balancing foods to eat regularly

It’s incredible how so many health issues are linked to our hormones. From our skin to how our body is functioning and how our brain is working are all related to our balance of hormones. The slightest thing can throw them off and at the same time throw off our whole life, all while we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with us. One thing that is in our control is what types of foods we are eating everyday and the more nutritionally balanced we are, the more are hormones stay in check. Here are the 6 best hormone balancing foods to eat regularly.

Eat healthy fat.

It’s essential to eat healthy fat because lack of this nutrient, especially for our brains, will cause a hormonal imbalance. Be sure to include foods like avocados, salmon and nuts in your diet as often as possible.

Eat protein.

Foods like quinoa, organic and hormone-free eggs, chickpeas, lentils and healthy chicken play a direct role in brain function. Without proteins there’s a decreased levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine; which can lead to brain fog, anxiety and sleeping issues.

Eat magnesium.

Did you know that magnesium is the second highest ranked mineral that we are deprived of in the United States? Vitamin D deficiency is number one. Magnesium, also called the anti-stress mineral, creates a calming effect on your body because it relaxes the nerves and muscles, helps you to sleep better and reduces the effects of stress. Be sure to be eating beans, nuts and seeds, in addition to lots of leafy greens to maintain hormonal balance.

Eat Vitamin D.

We are Vitamin D deficient as a nation. Maybe this comes from our realization that the sun is not good for us since most is produced this way? But regardless of how much time you spend outside, you can control mood swings and depression from lack of Vitamin D by eating mushrooms, fatty fish and organic meats and eggs. Learn the 8 signs you might be Vitamin D deficient. 

Eat Vitamin B.

Your mental and emotional well-being are supported through the consumption of foods high in Vitamin B, so it’s important to eat them everyday. If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety and irritability, you could be Vitamin B deficient; which can be restored through shellfish, organic meats, eggs and cheeses.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods.

It’s incredible how many diseases are associated with inflammation such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, risk of stroke and dementia. But in addition to that, inflammation also contributes to hormonal imbalances. One of the biggest culprits is sugar, and also processed and genetically modified foods. Control the inflammation within your body by eating more nuts, tons of vegetables, fatty fish and add turmeric and ginger to your drinks and meals whenever possible. 

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