3 Best exercises to get your body in shape fast

Slowly but surely, the weather is getting warmer each day. And with the sun shining from early morning until dusk, we’re all starting to pull out those spring and summer fashions; maybe even buying a few new pieces. From shorts to tank tops, almost everything we wear this time of year shows off more of our bodies. So if you’re looking to get into better shape fast, we’re sharing the 3 best exercises that have been tried and tested to accomplish that goal below.


Since our abdominals tell of the story of our body with first glance, get that midsection strong and fit with a daily plank. You can start with a one minute plank and work your way up. There is no better exercise for your abs and you’ll also work your arms and back, and even your butt, while doing this exercise. Being aware of what you’re eating also plays a role, but if you Plank everyday and these 5 things will happen to your body. 

Push up

This classic and versatile exercise will never ever lose its effectiveness for both men and women trying to get their upper bodies into shape fast. Yes, you can do the easy ones with your knees on the ground, but it’s important to also challenge yourself to do full-on push ups everyday. Start with five and work your way up to ten or even twenty. The push up sculpts your shoulders, back, arms and even works the abdominals too. I do them everyday because you can stop and drop at anytime and anywhere with incredible results.


Of course, getting your heartbeat up and breaking a sweat is essential to getting your body into shape fast, but it’s also essential to living a long, healthy life because your heart muscle has to be exercised to keep blood flowing throughout your body. Starting off with a walk and working your way up to a jog a few times each week will burn calories and fat fast, in addition to giving you energy and uplifting your mood. Schedule a walk/jog 3-4 times per week for optimal results.

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