10 Signs you might have a drinking problem

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine, or two, with dinner or out with friends over the weekend. Most people can drink in moderation, with a limit of what is best for them, and live happy, healthy fulfilling lives. But some, simply cannot control, limit or stop drinking once they start. If you find yourself questioning yourself the day after you’ve consumed alcohol, consider asking yourself these questions and 10 signs you might have a drinking problem.

  1. Do you continue to drink even though it’s creating trouble with your family and friends?
  2. Have you tried to cut back or stop drinking all together and couldn’t?
  3. Do you tell yourself you’re only going to have two drinks, but always end up drinking more?
  4. Having memory blackouts, but continuing to drink just as much anyway?
  5. Drinking to numb yourself from what might be going on in your life?
  6. Being defensive about your drinking when those close to you express concern?
  7. Have you looked forward to drinking more than doing anything else?
  8. Has your drinking put you into unsafe situations such as driving drunk or going home with a stranger?
  9. Do you become angry, sensitive or find yourself getting into arguments with friends and family?
  10. Have you cut back on activities that you used to enjoy to drink instead?

If you find that you have had at least 2-3 of these signs, be aware that you could be headed down the wrong path with alcohol. More than three of these signs means a more moderate concern, but anyone finding themselves experiencing six or more should consider seeking treatment from their doctor to at least discuss what might be going on or a treatment plan.

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