Get healthy and feel fabulous; 5 morning rituals

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Struggling to get out of bed feeling excited about the day? We’ve all been there, hitting the snooze button, unmotivated. But instead, you can change your routine, get healthy and feel fabulous with these 5 morning rituals.

Think of something that makes you happy.

When you first open your eyes, program yourself each day to think of something that makes you feel happy. It doesn’t matter what it is whether it’s something funny your kids said or a new eyeshadow you just bought and can’t wait to try. Starting your day with a positive thought is healthy for your mind and will jump-start your day.

Do not look at your cell phone.


It’s so tempting to pick up your phone when you first wake up to see if you “missed anything” while you were sleeping. There will be plenty of time throughout your day to look at your cell phone, don’t start your day with mindless social media or checking your email. Give yourself some time to get adjust in a healthier way.

Breathe; deeply.

Before getting out of bed, just take a couple of minutes to breathe deeply, it will do wonders for your day. Just breathing in for 5 seconds and out for another 5 seconds will clear your mind, increase circulation, reduce anxiety, improve your immune system and actually help you look better.

Eat eggs.

Never leave the house without the best breakfast food in your stomach or at least in your hand for later. Eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can eat and it will keep you feeling full for hours following. Make a half dozen hard boiled eggs on Sunday so they’re easy to grab all week; here’s how to boil eggs perfectly every time.

Drink water; preferably with a lemon.

Before having that coffee,  power your day and drink a full glass of water, preferably with a lemon if you can. Water will get your organs up and running, will wake you up and hydrate you after hours of sleep. Make this part of your daily routine and enjoy the benefits immediately.

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