BEWARE! 3 Foods that give you body odor

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We are all aware of the foods that can cause bad breath like onions and garlic, but body odor? Yes, and the scary part is you yourself won’t notice the embarrassing smell coming out of your pores, but others most certainly will. So don’t let embarrassing situations occur at work or on a special date due to food-related body order; be aware of these three foods.

Red Meat

Whether it’s a steak or a burger, that tasty piece of meat can make you smell. While the body is digesting, the amino acids from meat leave a residue within your intestines; which when get broken down creates body odor. Red meat also causes bad breath.


It’s one of the most delicious and healthy vegetables that you can eat, but it also causes body odor. Actually, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage all contain sulfur that when broken down have a tendency to make you smell badly within a short period and can last for hours following.


Curry & Cumin

These spices are some of the tastiest and healthiest you can eat, but can cause some seriously foul body odor. Whether you’re ordering in Indian food or going out to a fun restaurant, just know that you could be pretty smelly afterwards, especially on a summer night.

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