Women’s health; 3 recommendations I got from my breast surgeon

Women need to stick together, share information and be more the wiser especially when it comes to our health. I’ve seen a breast surgeon a number of times to get advice and opinions on some complicated cysts I’ve developed over the past few years. Thankfully I’ve been very lucky that these cysts were just that, and not cancer. But I’ll tell you from experience, having anything show up in a mammogram or ultrasound is nerve-racking and I took the time I had with this doctor very seriously. Going in with a list in hand, I asked lots of questions and I’m here to share the 3 recommendations I got from my breast surgeon.

Schedule your mammogram the same time every year.

In addition to your self breast exams, every woman must get a mammogram every year. Talk to your doctor about at what age this should start for you. But my breast surgeon recommended making the yearly appointment far in advance at the same time each year so that you don’t forget, get too busy with schedules, or wait too long and can’t get in. Mine happens to be around Christmas; which is easy to remember, and I make the appointment right after I have one done so that it’s on the books. If you don’t have one scheduled for this year, use this reminder to make it now.

Using an aluminum free all natural deodorant is a good idea.

My doctor and I had a serious conversation about deodorant because it’s never been more apparent that what we put under our arms each day ultimately makes its way into our bodies. In addition, extensive research has shown that aluminum; which is a neurotoxin within conventional deodorant, has been linked to breast cancer. The scary part is there’s been a high incidence of this type of cancer occurring within the area where the deodorant chemicals are applied.  My doctor said many of her patients have switched to using an aluminum free natural deodorant and she felt it was a good idea. I shared with her that after trying to find the best natural deodorant, that I had been using Native deodorant for over a year now and she said, yes, it’s a healthier choice. Learn more about Native here…

Birth control and alcohol; don’t panic at everything you hear on the news.

I watch and read the news everyday, so I asked my doctor if I needed to be concerned about the latest reports concerning birth control and alcohol linked to a 20% increase in the risk of breast cancer. It seemed that most of her patients were asking the same question based on what they also heard on the news, so she was ready with an answer. She warned me not to panic from everything we hear because everyone and every study is different, with genetics playing the center role. My doctor said, awareness, moderation and yearly mammograms are what we should be focused on going forward. And I thought that was great advice!

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