Get Fit Fast; 3 healthy habits

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Who hasn’t started working out and eating healthier only to expect incredible results immediately? Well, getting fit doesn’t happen overnight, but you can most certainly speed along the process by knowing some the secrets to getting fit fast through these 3 healthy habits. Once you incorporate these into your lifestyle, you will get fit and stay fit for life!


Bottom line, getting fit starts in the kitchen. What you eat plays the biggest role in what you body looks like. So if you want fast results, get that food planned and prepared. You do not have to be deprived to eat healthy by any means and you should never be hungry to a point that you’ll make bad decisions. Stick to low fat proteins and tons of vegetables with snacks in between like hard-boiled eggs and a palmful of nuts.


How much water should you be drinking everyday? Did you know that most of the time you feel hungry you’re actually just thirsty? The rule of thumb with staying hydrated is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. This flushes the system and has been proven to promote healthy weight loss. However you want to accomplish this goal is up to you, just commit to it and make it happen.


Challenge yourself

Rather than just going for a walk 3-5 days per week, amp up your workouts and challenge yourself with exercises that your body doesn’t recognize. Alternating push-ups, kickboxing, strength training and body weight exercises into your routine will chisel your physique quickly. Intensity is far more important than the length of your workout; which also is essential to make exercise happen within a busy schedule. Pick up a couple of the 10 best workouts for weight loss and incorporate them into your schedule. These are my absolute go-to workouts every single week because they get results fast.

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