Eat your way to better cholesterol and overall health with these 5 foods

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You’re never too young to start to think about your cholesterol levels and you have the power to lower yours and keep it in check with what you consume each day. Yes, you can eat your way to better cholesterol and overall health, so be sure to have these foods on hand to reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke.

Eat nuts.

Nuts are good at lowering bad cholesterol, most particularly almonds and walnuts, so eat them everyday. Having nuts on hand in your car or purse to keep hunger under control will also help with weight loss. Just be aware that nuts are also high in fat; stick to a palmful.

Eat beans.

Beans are not only delicious and a fabulous replacement for meat, they are a rich in fiber and take some time to digest so they keep you feeling fuller longer; which makes them another healthy food choice. Check out the best black bean dip recipe to really enjoy this special food.


Eat whole grains.

You choose what whole grains you like the best; brown rice, quinoa and nutty organic breads are my favorite way to get fiber into my system. This is important because soluble fiber actually helps to remove bad cholesterol from your body, so be sure to get your daily dose. Here is some more information on quinoa; why you should be eating it.

Eat fruit.

Like whole grains and beans, fruit is also high in fiber; which helps to prevent your digestive tract from absorbing cholesterol. Berries are best for your health, like blueberries, but all fruit is good for you in some way or form, so incorporate it whenever you can.

Eat healthy fats.

Skip the butter, or the fake butters that are being sold everywhere nowadays, and choose avocados or a little peanut butter to top your toast each morning. It’s also important to incorporate olive oil into your meals to also improve cholesterol levels.

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