You ate everything; here’s what you should do next

Whether it’s the weekend, a vacation or a holiday celebration, who hasn’t unintentionally fallen off the wagon, overeaten and regretted it immediately? It’s easy to do and honestly, happens to me quite often where I’m left feeling tired, sort of guilty and unsure of what just happened. So now the dilemma, you ate everything, what should you do next?

The beauty of living a healthy lifestyle is that being imbalanced is ok and perfectly natural. You should indulge and enjoy every food that you love because life is too short not to. This is the lifestyle part of it that becomes a habit, savor the indulgence and then get back on track; your mind and body will recover quickly. Here’s what you should also do.

  1. Be sure not to skip any meals as that’s not a healthy choice.
  2. Plan your exercise for the next day, not to punish yourself, but to feed your mind positivity and good intention.
  3. Plan and prep your meals, as you probably already would, to ensure they’re healthy and nutritious.
  4. Drink a couple extra glasses of water to nourish your body and feed it hydration.
  5. Let everything go, appreciate your experiences and move onward and upward.

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