Self-doubt? 6 simple ways to boost your confidence right now

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Lacking confidence and self-esteem can really take a toll on your life and the choices that you make for yourself. Self-doubt plays games with your head where you’ll sometimes settle for less than what you truly deserve. We all have challenging moments, but the good news is it can always be turned around; here are 6 ways to boost your confidence right now.

Sip your favorite coffee drink.

Who knew? Caffeine not only gives you energy, it also boosts your confidence, so sip on your favorite coffee drink and take on your day or any challenging situations feeling fully prepared for anything.

Spray on your favorite scent.
I’m a huge believer in aromatherapy; that feeling of empowerment and calm from a favorite scent. It turns out that spraying on your favorite scent plays a big role in how you feel about yourself, improving your confidence instantly. So use that body spray, perfume that you love, or even light a scented candle and feel better right now.

Be aware of your body language.

Did you know that when you sit up straight and pull your shoulders back that you not only look more confident to others, but you will actually improve your mood, create positive thoughts and feel more confident instantly? Think about how you look or feel when slouched over versus standing tall.

Get your blood pumping.

We talk about all the countless benefits of exercise at Skinny Healthy Girl everyday, so it makes sense that it also plays a role in increasing your confidence. When you get your blood pumping, even through quick exercise like the best busy woman 5-minute workout, you will boost your confidence exponentially, in addition to lowering your stress levels and who doesn’t need more of that?

What you think, you will become.

This is the most important aspect of the confidence equation because there is no doubt, what you think, you will become. The mind can play games with you, so just because you think a negative thought doesn’t mean it’s true. Work on allowing yourself to only visualize achievement, success and conquering your goals. Take a minute right now to slow down, find your calm and practice positive, meaningful thoughts; with practice, you will become them.

Turn up the tunes.

Wherever you are, turn up the tunes and rock it out! Your mood and confidence will instantly improve. Music has a powerful influence on how you feel and can transform your day, enabling you to walk into any situation feeling like you can take over the world…why not try it right now?

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