Best safe and effective way to treat varicose veins; my personal story

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As many of you know, inspiring and empowering health and well-being is my life mission and I most certainly follow my own advice and practice what I preach. Sharing foods for optimum health, the most efficient exercises and proper methods to living your best life is what I strive to do everyday. So while living this balanced healthy lifestyle, I never expected to be faced with the challenge of varicose veins, but suddenly I was. Just like any other health hurdle, sharing and learning from one other is why I created this platform. So if you, or someone that you know, is suffering and wants to learn the best safe and effective way to treat varicose veins, continue on to read my personal story.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are those swollen, twisted, bulging, ropey-looking blue or purplish veins that you can see, or sometimes not see, just under the skin. They can also protrude outwardly. These veins are caused by unhealthy valves that become weak or damaged and can no longer pump blood to the heart. When this happens, blood can back up and pool within your veins; which causes swelling and leads to them becoming varicose. These veins not only look unattractive, but they also cause pain, cramping, throbbing, heaviness and fatigue, especially when standing for prolonged periods of time. And if left untreated, varicose veins only worsen, potentially leading to more serious problems down the road.

What are they symptoms?

Being someone who is on-the-go all of the time, I was starting to feel aching in both of my legs, especially in the afternoons, but just assumed that I was tired. One day after exercising I felt more sore than usual and when I looked down I was shocked to see blue veins protruding from both of my legs; I panicked.

What was happening? I immediately called my primary care doctor and she advised me to see a vascular surgeon to figure out what was going on. After a very traumatizing experience with a doctor who ultimately misdiagnosed me, claiming that I had severe venous insufficiency and there were no treatment options, I found my hero, Dr. Lori Greenwald at Vanishing Veins in Bloomfield Connecticut.

Finding the answers

From my very first appointment, I felt safe in Dr. Greenwald’s care and the relaxing, calming atmosphere she has created. As a board certified vascular surgeon with 40 years of experience in vein disease, she has seen it all. She was patient, kind and thoughtful as she advised me; which I greatly appreciated after what I had just been through. She immediately calmed me and I felt my anxiety slowly diminish just by talking with her.


Dr. Greenwald conducted a full ultrasound on both of my legs, while I was standing (which is an important point since my other scan was done laying down) and she ultimately found that I in fact had healthy vein function. I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief this was to hear. But, I also learned that day that I did in fact have varicose veins; which are very common and can happen to anybody. They are hereditary and can also be caused from the vein being stressed from weight, long periods of standing, sun exposure and exercise; all of which made sense to me and my lifestyle.

Dr. Greenwald advised me to wear compression stockings when on my feet for prolonged periods of time or when flying or traveling in the car on long trips. Although there are a number of varicose vein treatments, she suggested sclerotherapy for my particular issue; which is a non-surgical, in office, injectable treatment that painlessly destroys damaged veins and for this purpose is covered by most insurances.

The outcome

After a number of successful treatments, I’m thrilled to share with you that I have never felt better. My varicose veins have literally vanished! The chronic aching pain has subsided and my legs look and feel incredible. Best of all, my confidence is greatly improved and I truly feel light on my feet; it’s unbelievable. My experience with Dr. Greenwald was exceptional and I quickly learned that her personal life mission is to not only help her patients feel better, but to also enable them to look their absolute best. Simply said, she offers the skill of a surgeon with the touch of a woman.

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Of course, this is my personal story, every patient is different and requires their own diagnosis from a highly skilled doctor as I did. And please don’t just trust anyone, it’s vitally important to consult with a vascular surgeon; a doctor that specializes in blood vessel conditions. But ultimately, the moral of my story is, developing varicose veins it’s not the end of the world, there is hope and potentially a solution for you also.

Vanishing Veins is committed to the care and treatment of venous disease with numerous treatment options. In addition, they also offer full service cosmetic medicine housed in the same center at their Vivesse Med Spa, where they feature the newest advancements in Aesthetic treatments. You can learn more about Dr. Lori Greenwald and her Vein Care Center here.

Wishing you all health and wellness!

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