Prevent depression with exercise; study shows

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No one can deny that they feel better after a brisk walk or any sort of heart-pumping exercise; mood is improved and feel-good endorphins are busting at the seams. The power of exercise on the brain is immeasurable. With that being said, the question still stands; is mental health, more specifically depression, improved with exercise? Or do those with better mental health just tend to exercise more?

After countless studies, we finally have an answer! Exercising may actually prevent depression. Although additional research is continuing, the bottom line is exercising more appears to protect against developing depression with a takeaway of doing something is better than doing nothing. Getting your heartbeat up for 15 minutes versus sitting for that same amount of time was linked to a lower depression risk.

With nearly one in five people suffering from mental illness in the United States, this finding can be considered a preventive method for anyone looking to protect themselves from depression or to fight it while tackling stressful situations. The moral to the story is, just move! Work to get some physical activity into your everyday, like the best 5-minute busy woman workout, to build a healthy mind and body.

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