6 Unexpected signs of depression you might be missing

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Sometimes it’s situational, and other times it creeps up on you. Feeling down and sad usually comes along with obvious signs of depression, but there are also more subtle, unexpected signs that you might be missing and should look out for, here are 6 of them.


Most of the time we think of depression as quiet, weepy and staying in bed all day. But it can actually come out in a completely opposite way through anger, impatience and moodiness. Depression can make you feel hopeless and miserable, sometimes expressed through irritability and temper. Being aware of this irritability is important in recognizing depression in yourself and others.


Did you know that almost half of people with depression have actual unexplained physical pain? It’s true. Doctors say this is another often overlooked sign of depression presenting itself. These pains include headaches, back pain, abdominal discomfort or musculoskeletal in the lower back, joints and neck. Our brains and how we think has a direct affect on our bodies and how it functions.



When everything starts to become too much of a task, even something as simple as returning a call or text, this could be a sign of depression. Even for those who aren’t very social to begin with, avoiding interactions with others is another sign of unhealthiness. Ask yourself why you want to be alone isolating yourself; you might be surprised with what you discover.

Physical appearance

Slowly, or suddenly not caring about your physical appearance is another subtle symptom of depression. Whether you’re not interested in wearing makeup anymore or just don’t feel you need to shower for a few days, you could be fighting an imbalance. Also being aware of weight loss or gain is important in recognizing depression. When feeling down some have a tendency to lose their appetite, while others overeat to fill the void.

Digestive issues

Another physical symptom stemmed from depression is digestive issues where you find yourself in the bathroom a lot, unable to control your bowels, or actually vomiting from the anxiety that can partner with this mental imbalance. In addition, experts have found other physical issues affected by depression that include cardiovascular, immune and metabolic system issues.


Another sign of depression is the inability to make a decision whether it be as simple as choosing a food item off the menu, or important decisions at work. Having depression also reduces the ability to concentrate and complete or accomplish tasks. If you notice you haven’t checked off anything on your to do list in some time, there might be a bigger issue at hand.

Sometimes just talking about what’s on your mind will help you feel better. If you, or someone you know is experiencing any of these unexpected signs of depression, seek help from a professional mental health doctor.

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