4 Ways good friendships improve your health

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Spending time with your friends benefits your health!

Have you ever wondered why you feel so happy after spending time with your favorite friends? Well, there’s a reason for that. It turns out good friendships, and by that we mean the ones you trust the most, are good for your health. Whether you’re having some fun or leaning on each other during a tough time, here are 4 ways good friendships improve your health.

Good friends build self confidence.

Good friends build you up, every single time you see each other. That’s the way it should be. And with that supportive type of person in your life, your self-confidence builds with every interaction. When you finally get to a place of full trust with a selected number of friends where you can open up and be entirely yourself, there’s no better space to be.

Good friends encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Take note of exactly who you are surrounding yourself with and why. Having balanced friendships helps to keep a balanced life. Yes, it’s ok to have a couple glasses of wine with a girlfriend when you get together, but be aware of those friends who drink too much, create drama and make poor choices because those bad decisions can disrupt your life negatively. Your friends should encourage a healthier lifestyle, not the opposite.


Good friends help you cope during challenging times.

No matter what you might be going through whether you’re not feeling well, going through a break up or are down and depressed, your good friends will be there to help you through. It’s incredible how much better you instantly feel when a good friend comes by to cheer you up, sends a thoughtful note or just a simple text. We all have tough times, but will cope much better with the right people by our side.

Good friends improve your overall health.

Those happy feelings that last long after you’ve spent time with good friends also reduces your stress and fights depression. In addition, having a couple of loyal loving people in your life, that are not your family, reduces the risk of a number of serious health issues such as high blood pressure. Research shows older adults with a healthy social life live longer than those without.

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