New study: Seeing your girlfriends every week improves your health

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So it turns out there’s a very good reason why we feel so much happier and uplifted after spending time with our friends; it’s good for us! And now a new study has shown seeing your girlfriends every week improves your health, here’s how.

The research findings

The University of Oxford study investigated what women need to achieve true happiness within their lives and found that health and well-being was improved when they got together with girlfriends twice per week. They found women were happier and healthier after spending time doing things with their friends.

Within this study, the list of things women can do with their friends to achieve this happiness included things like drinking beer, gossiping about others and chatting about their rivals; which was considered the preferred topic of conversation. But the bottom line is doing anything fun with friends make women socialize and laugh more; therefore improving their health.

The research found specific health benefits that ranged from recovering faster from illness, improved immune system, lower levels of anxiety and higher levels of generosity; which naturally makes everyone feel better. The positive impact on physical and emotional health was found to be beneficial to both women and men, in addition to their children benefiting greatly from their parents more balanced lifestyle.


It’s all about the funny

It’s true! Laughter is the best medicine! Being able to laugh, joke and talk about the things that make us happy is what ultimately affects our brains positively, and those endorphins last long after saying good-bye. But the study did find that the size of the group of friends does matter. For the necessary happy hormones to take affect and improve our health to the highest degree, research found this was less apt to happen in a larger group of friends. Being able to talk openly and share deeply is more probable in a smaller setting, with a maximum group of four friends. So keeping it intimate does play a role.

Do women need friends more than men?

Numerous studies over the years have shown that women tend to need strong friendship bonds more than men especially as they grow older. Being busier with more responsibilities only validates the need for bonding time with girlfriends where women can truly be themselves and take a moment to breathe.

In addition, women have a tendency to feel more guilt when leaving family to do something for themselves; which only adds more stress and anxiety within their lives. But ultimately, it’s important to get over that hurdle, knowing you’re doing something extremely healthy for yourself to regenerate and positively impact all of your health in incredible ways.

The synopsis

This study was done for a reason. Researchers wanted to figure out what truly makes women happy, and through the process they proved connecting with girlfriends a few times per week improves health. Women become better wives, mothers, employees and overall healthier people when they take some time to surround themselves with people who lift them up. And this study confirms this practice should become a consistent lifestyle habit along with exercise and healthy food choices. When was the last time you got together with your girlfriends?

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